Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Reviews

The Acoustic Guitar category is the most natural sound producing type than the others, although the Electric guitars are increasingly being used nowadays, especially for the Rock music, still, the Acoustic guitars have not even started to die down. The many acoustic guitar manufacturing companies are still producing new models of the acoustic guitars. Besides the Martin, Fender and the Gibson companies, one more is the Yamaha brand.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Reviews

Yamaha was started in the year 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha as a reed organ and piano manufacturer. It was named as Nippon Gakki Company, Limited. Today, Yamaha has grown to be the world’s largest manufacturer of the musical instruments.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars Models

Yamaha produces all types and subtypes of guitars. In the Acoustic category, they have made many series of guitars. The prominent ones in production today are:

  1. L series- In this, the LL, LS, and LJ series are in production. They have all the original jumbo, small sized and medium jumbo sized guitars. The (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) ARE technology developed by Yamaha is used in them.
  2. A series- This series has the SRT2 Electronics pickup system developed by Yamaha. It has 4 buttons on the guitar to get Volume, Treble, Bass, and Blend control. A very powerful acoustic sound, with the new bracings. A highly comfortable neck profile and Elixir strings.
  3. FG/FGX series- The models made in this series are of very high quality, mostly used for folk songs. They have a traditional western body, warm and woody design. Almost all the models have different unique features in them.
  4. F/FX series- Affordable price and quality tone go together in these models. Some have a traditional western body while some have dreadnought body. The F310P also includes Strap, Gig Bag, Strings, Pitch Pipe, String Winder, Capo, and Picks.
  5. APX series- They have unique thin bodies. It is ideal for females and the beginners. The designs here are very stylish, made to resemble somewhat like the Electric guitars. They have a natural look, made for a better bass response, greater volume, having a scalloped bracing.
  6. CPX series- To have a great playability for the on-stage performances, the CPX series is used. The models here have a large and deep body that gives a dynamic sound; and single cutaways that provide access to the upper neck.
  7. JR – the Travel/mini series- There are 3 models, the JR1, JR2, and JR2S. These have a 540mm scale length. They also provide a gig bag with these models. These are based on the long selling FG series of Yamaha.

The Yamaha Brand for the guitars is as well known as the others like the Martin, Fender, Gibson etc. The guitars produced by Yamaha are truly world class, which has been used by so many prominent artists of the world. Some of the innovative technologies in the guitars are made by Yamaha, and all this, to make the best possible sound quality as the guitarists require.

They have made special series for the different kinds of music genres and locations required, like an Auditorium. The huge variety of the catalogue of guitars made by Yamaha can’t be matched even by the fellow global guitar makers. From a very poor amateur to a very experienced and rich musician, guitarist, they have models for all.

Final Words

Although the Yamaha Brand has become a known brand in the many other fields also, especially the motorcycles; it is still known strongly for their original and main product lines, the musical instruments, especially the guitars. It is one of the biggest brands in that.