Gibson Acoustic Guitars Reviews

Guitars are the most attractive musical instruments for the people, especially the music lovers. Although nowadays the Electric guitars are increasingly used, still the Acoustic guitars have not lost their sound. Part of the reason is the guitar making companies, which are many, but only a few produce very high-quality guitars, and hence are famous for that. The Gibson Guitar Corporation is one such.

Gibson Acoustic Guitars Reviews

Gibson Guitar Corporation, which is now called as the Gibson Brands Inc. It was founded in the year 1902, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, by Orville Gibson. They sell their Guitars under many Brand names. Today, the Chairman and the CEO of Gibson is Henry Juszkiewicz, and the headquarters are in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Acoustic Guitars by Gibson

Gibson is known to make Archtop, Acoustic, Bass and the Electric guitars; mandolins and the audio equipment also. Some of the most Iconic Guitars are made under the Gibson Les Paul brand. Many of the Gibson guitars are highly collectible.

Most of the Guitars sold by them on their official website, are quite expensive, ranging from $1k to $7k. The limited versions are even more expensive. The Acoustic Guitars have a separate category for them. There are in total 138 Acoustic guitars displayed for sale on their website. According to the models, they are classified as, Super Jumbo, Jumbo, Round Shoulder, Square Shoulder, Mandolin, and the Small body. According to the brand, as the Gibson Acoustics, Gibson Original, and Gibson Custom. These

Acoustic guitars are also classified according to the group. They are Songwriter series, F-style, Limited Runs, Artist Models, High performance, Exclusives and the new releases.

Most of the guitars have attractive designs on their bodies. Even the designs of the Gibson acoustic guitars differ from model to model. The hard work of the guitar maker workers is seen throughout. Even the durability of the Gibson guitars is unquestionable. They have a long life, are strong, sturdy. They don’t easily get broken.
Since most of the Gibson guitars are expensive, the beginners cannot afford them.

The Gibson guitars which are sold on the external websites, they usually have some sort of discounts in their prices. For the high prices, they also have that high level of quality in them. They are elegantly crafted. The feel of a Gibson guitar is coveted by most of the beginners and amateur guitarists. They dream of owning at least one Gibson guitar in their life.

Among the acoustic guitars, the Dreadnought types have become the main ones because of the bold sound of this body shape, and the Gibson company are consistently producing high-quality models of them. The Parlor guitars produced by Gibson are physically suitable for the guitarist people who have smaller body frames, and in recent years even these have gained popularity.

In the same way, the Jumbo models of acoustic guitars produced by Gibson are more suitable for people with a big body frame as they are also heavy to carry around; almost all of these have a default strap on them.

So many of famous Artists have used the Gibson guitars, some of them are, Eric Clapton, Steve Clark, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jones, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, Elvis Presley, Keith Richards, Mick Taylor, Carlos Santana etc


Gibson Brand for the guitar instruments is like how the Rolls-Royce brand is for the cars, or specifically, luxury cars. The kind of quality seen in the Gibson guitars and their performance is not seen in any other brand.