Fender Acoustic Guitar Reviews

The Musical Instrument called as the Guitar is categorized as a fretted string instrument. It has usually 6 strings in it, but it varies from 4 to 18 also. There are quite a number of different types of guitars. The main ones are the Acoustic guitar and the Electric guitar. Quite a number of companies make guitars, some of them reputable. One of such famous and a known brand is Fender.

Fender has an Illustrious History, which began in the year 1946, in Fullerton, California, USA. It is abbreviated as FMIC, or Fender Musical Instruments Company. Andy Mooney is the CEO, and the headquarters now are in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

Fender Acoustic Guitars Reviews

The guitars made by Fender are used in a wide variety of music, like the country and western, rock n roll, jazz, rhythm n blues etc. So many of the famous guitarists are loyal customers of the Fender guitars, even some beginners, and hobbyists use the Fender guitars. The Fender Company has now become a cultural Icon.

The Acoustic Guitars are the Instruments which produce sounds acoustically, transmitting the strings vibrations to the air. Fender makes guitars in the classical acoustic types also and the acoustic bass guitar category also.

Fender Acoustic Guitars Models

Following are the different model type of the Acoustic guitars made by Fender: The Dreadnought, Concert, parlor, Triple 0, Travel, and others. Fender is famous for making the Dreadnought type of acoustic guitars. There are 24 models in this category alone. As this is the more popular type from the Fender brand.

Among all these models, a majority of them are made for the right-hand use, and only 5 of them are for the left-hand use, which is understandable as only small percentage population of the world is a lefty. All these guitars also have been classified by them in various series categories, depending on the design. The classic design has 26 models. The other designs are Paramount (16 models), California, Artist, F-Series, Acoustic packs, and Educational series. Clearly, the classical design is the most used and bought by the customers.
Fender provides 2 options for us regarding the wood type of these acoustic guitars, either the fingerboard material, which has 2 color options, or the Body material, which has 5 color options. They both are advantageous in their own ways.

Fender also has their own shop, a division of the FMIC, called as the Fender Custom Shop. There they make special order guitars through a dealer network for the customers, create the limited edition guitars and sell them. These limited editions are hardly found in any other external shops and websites.

The Fender Guitars are also available on the many other retail and E-commerce websites, besides the stores. On Amazon, the rates of the Fender acoustic guitars are in the range of 5k rupees to 20k rupees. These are somewhat reasonable and affordable for the beginners.

People never think twice before buying the Fender guitars, they are really long lasting and help in making quality music. Some of the cheap and simple models of this brand are perfectly suitable for the beginners and the amateurs. The strings are also very much strong, they do not break while strumming.

Some of the notable artists who have used the Fender guitars are, Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer, Paul McCartney, Keith Richards etc.


Even after 7 decades, the Fender Brand is going strong and producing very high-quality Acoustic guitars for the talented guitarists in the world. Many people highly recommend using the Fender acoustic guitars.