Best Acoustic Guitars under $1000

The prices of acoustic guitars influence their sales response but it usually houses the measure of the value in the instrument. Players who have a budget of around $1000 will have great options to select from a variety of credible acoustic guitars.

The following instruments are a cross-section of acoustic guitars with various capabilities, and they can be your next choice if you find one that fits your playing style.

  1. Blueridge BR-140

This guitar is a dreadnought type with solid Sitka spruce top and solid Honduras mahogany at the back, slim neck and sides. The finishing appears natural; and its design holds a rosewood bridge and fingerboard.

Tonal standards on the Blueridge BR-140 are exceptional due to its entire solid woodwork. It presents better tones that those achieved from laminated guitars materials, and a budget of around $1000 can get you this elegant instrument for warm and rich sounds.

Players who enjoy the string arrangements for vintage finger-style, and deal with song writing will get a great deal from this purchase.

  1. Seagull Maritime SWS SG

Seagull’s Maritime SWS SG is a dreadnought made with mahogany back, neck and sides; and a solid Sitka spruce top. The Maritime instrument has great innovative sound projection and tuning control with the help of the quality traditional materials which it combines with a Seagull build quality.

It has a slightly wider nut width than other Seagull guitar options which adds to its tonal stability. There is a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge on this instrument and all of these sweetness can be afforded with a little less than $1000.

The finishing is natural, and the design is exquisite to fit for soft, rich tones of various genres of music.

  1. Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE

This acoustic guitar possesses a lot of features similar to the one from the big guys although it’s name is associated with beginner model guitars. It has vintage detailing on the blend of solid Sitka spruce top, solid mahogany back, D-shaped neck and sides.

The Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE comes with a built-in tuner and even more technology to help control sound output. The instrument has the Rosewood fretboard and it is seen to be very balanced when operating. For a near $1000 instrument, the Masterbilt will most definitely be a great option.

  1. Ovation Standard Elite 2778 AX

This instrument proves to be above standard with its super sound output on performances. It has a cut top AA solid spruce, with a Lyrachord composite back and sides. The design has a Rosewood fretboard and the neck is made from a five-piece satin-finished mahogany.

The sound and tonal quality are refined by a top standard OP-Pro preamp and OCP-1K pickup system. The Ovation Standard Elite 2778 AX will suit fingerstyle players comfortably. The price of this musical instrument perfectly fits its value range, and it makes a great choice for players who discover its style.

  1. Blueridge BR-70

Blueridge BR-70 has a dreadnought body shape with solid Sitka spruce top. The instrument is so closely designed to look like the BR-140, but one obvious difference being that it comes with solid Santos Rosewood back and sides while the BR-140 has mahogany on these parts. We now already know that the Rosewood responds differently from what mahogany sounds feel like, these differences still serve certain different playing styles.

The slim neck profile, Rosewood fingerboard and complete solid tonewood all combine to deliver very articulate and punchy sounds that are excellent for blues. A $1000 bugdet may not be exhausted in purchasing this innovation.

The acoustic guitars on this list are outstanding in their performances; they have the ability to reveal the players expressions clearly through rich sounds and smooth tones. There can only be a few more rival guitars of similar value to the options which this list offers.