Acoustic Guitar Tuner

Here we will talk about acoustic guitar tuners. Generally there are 3 basic types of guitars in the world. The classical guitars with nylon strings, acoustic guitars with steel strings, and the electric guitars with magnetic pickups. The sounds produced by an acoustic guitar are by transmitting the vibrations of the strings to the air. It is a general practice that a newly bought guitar needs tuning, as the string pitches need adjusting to a reference pitch and also that they need tuning relative to each other.

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Guitar Tuners are instruments available which make this tuning job easy for you; these are called the guitar tuners. Basically, there are 3 types of guitar tuners; Strobe or the stroboscopic type, the vibration or Piezo type, and the microphone type. These three types provide different advantages regarding tuning the guitar. The strobe type is the most accurate one, the vibration type gives an affordable reliability, and the microscope type gives so many options to us. There are many sub types of these. Having a tuner is as essential as having the guitar itself, as almost all the new guitars are not in tune, and even afterward you might need to tune the guitar strings in a different way.

It is up to you to choose the tuner type, depending on what you want; of course, you can buy all the types too. The popular sub types of Acoustic Guitar tuners are Chromatic tuners, Non-chromatic tuners, Clip-on tuners, Pedal tuners and Polyphonic tuners. The main three types of guitars require different types of tuners. Nowadays it is a good practice to buy an acoustic guitar tuner online. The brand Roadie is well known in the automatic guitar tuner category. The latest Roadie 2 is the ultimate musician’s tool. The manufacturers claim it to be three times more accurate than a human ear. Nowadays, there are also mobile apps available for tuning guitars. These use the microphone of the mobile to receive the sounds.

There are tuners available for even a 12 string acoustic guitar. Simply it is split into 6 pairs of 2 strings. Here, the wordings are eEaAdDgGBBEE. The cheap ones are the mobile app 12 string acoustic guitar tuner, besides the physical ones. You can also tune the 12 string guitars by using a 6 string guitar tuner.

Acoustic Guitar Tuner Brands

Now, let us go through some of the guitar tuners available in the market as of now. The Clip-on Guitar tuners are best used when you need something cheap and quick working. Some well-known brands and models are, Tuner On Guitar, Speed Pro, Snark SN-1, Korg AW2G, and Intellitouch PT10. All of these have a precision of + or – 1 percent. The weight varies from 0.2 ounces to 1.6 ounces. They all are Digital as well as Chromatic.

The Pedal tuners are best used for the Acoustic-Electronic guitar types. Besides tuning, it also acts as a mute switch and an A/B router. The Boss and the Polytune brands have the best acoustic guitar tuner, as they last for decades. Some people prefer a more traditional approach, hence the Standalone tuners in existence. Some of the known brand models are, Korg TM50, CA1 and GA1; Quik Tune GP1, and Yamaha YT-150. All of these are Digital as well as Chromatic. The weight varies from 3 ounces to 7 ounces. The other categories of tuners for the acoustic guitars are the Onboard tuners, mobile apps, and the Crazy Capo tuners. For the mobile apps, the best ones are the iPhone versions.


It is always good to have a Tuner with you, not just in the beginning when you bought the guitar. It is very useful to change the tunes whenever you require. Choosing the best tuner for your Acoustic Guitar online.