Acoustic Guitar Strap

Acoustic guitar is one of the most loved and attractive musical instrument of all. People love it when they see the guitarists on stage, strumming it to music on which they can’t resist to have a gig. You will notice that most of the guitarists hang their guitar on to themselves via a band, a strap. The guitar strap has become a regular accessory of the guitar. Almost all the guitarists use the guitar with the strap to play at least a few times.

Sometimes, you get the acoustic guitar strap in the bundle package when you buy the guitar. But if you don’t get, then you buy it separately; either online or by visiting a real store. The professional guitarists swear by a strap, they only want a perfect strap according to their requirements.

Acoustic Guitar Strap Advantages

Different people have different heights and the length of their hands also differ. So, one guitar obviously won’t fit the comfort of them while strumming it. An adjustable guitar helps bring a comfortable position for the guitar to strum. The guitar strap button is the key in this.

The straps are particularly useful for the guitars which are heavy in weight; guitarists won’t be able to carry them for longer duration only in their hands. The guitar straps help distribute the weight of the guitar to the whole body, rather than just the hands.

By wearing the guitar with the strap, you get to give more freedom to the hands to do the strumming work. It also becomes easier to carry them from place to place.

These guitar straps also become useful if you want to just hang the guitar to the wall by the nail.

Hence, even the amateur guitarists must have a strap for their guitar. It is not always necessary that you should get the cool and best acoustic guitar strap, but even a decent one will do if you are new to the guitar. Buying a guitar is not that a difficult task as buying the guitar itself. Firstly, fix a budget for it. Then check out the range of the guitar strap length and your height.

The attractiveness and design on the strap become important only if you are going to use the guitar at shows, concerts etc. Some brands sell some of the cool guitar straps online. Do have a look at them. It is important to not just look at the designs and the colorful patterns, but also the durability, material, toughness etc One advantage of buying the guitar straps online is that more often you will get them at discount offers, or something extra like 2 for the price of one etc.

There are some good and reputable brands selling high-quality guitar straps, even at low prices. Some of them are Leathercraft, Moozik Pro, Ubeta, Planet Waves etc. They provide more value for money for the guitar straps, and they are long lasting. One more reputable company is the Martin Guitar. They have some good leather guitar straps available for the guitarists. The suede strap guitar distressed, is the favorite of most people. Even Fender is a very reputable brand to buy straps from. Some of the straps sold by them are truly unique guitar straps.


The acoustic guitar strap is highly recommended just for the important advantages that it provides. Very few people have the ability to carry off a guitar for longer duration while strumming it. But a majority of guitarists go for the strap on them.