Acoustic Guitar Riffs

Mastering the Guitar is not an easy thing. You need lots of practice for that. Once you learn how to use the guitar, then making music becomes easy for you. You also start making your own new tunes, new notes. Most of the songs have a certain theme made for them by the guitar strumming.

There are different concepts regarding certain forms of tunes, notes etc. like the Riffs, Runs, Licks. Riffs can be called as the sequence or the cluster of chords or notes which are used in a song. A riff is thematic. It is composed as the main musical idea of a song. Either it can be heard only once in the song or may be repeated over and over again, sometimes using different keys or using different variations. There are many other names also given to a riff, it is called as an ostinato, melody, pattern etc Some of the famous Riff makers are the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Guns n Roses. They have used Riffs in most of their songs.

Sometimes people get confused between the riffs and the licks. A lick is also a musical idea, but more often it is incomplete. It can be a part of a riff, but by itself, it does not become a theme of a song. A Riff is the next or an advanced stage in music for the guitarists to learn.

So many of acoustic guitar riffs have become very much iconic and memorable for the fans. They are more common in the jazz, funk and rock music. Some of the famous songs featuring Riffs are, Smoke On the Water – Deep Purple, Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses, Enter Sandman – Metallica etc listen to these songs carefully, especially the guitar music between the lyrics. By practice, creativity, some technicality, and hard work it is possible to make a decent Riff. I tried to make a Riff in the following way:

Acoustic Guitar Riffs

  • The first thing, determine what kind of song you’re writing. Different musical styles will require a riff accordingly.
  • Then list down with some offavorite songs in that music style so as to get some inspirations for the riff.
  • Finalizing the sound. It can be a heavy or playful, slow and grinding or uptempo, chugging or melodious. This helped to decide the right tunings and playing method for the riff.
  • Then start playing the riff musically in mind. Hum it loud. This is just the rough framework.

How to use Riffs in Acoustic Guitar

  • Now get the guitar and give it an initial trial run. Play around with the basic melody.
  • Choose the right structure, by the use of a particular number of bars.
  • Start getting technical. If tablature you know, then put the riff on the paper.
  • Refine the sound. Try to closely match the riff with the song you have chosen.

Finalizing the Acoustic Guitar Riffs

  • Practicing the riff, making it yours.
  • Record yourself while strumming the riff.
  • Making the riff part of a larger sound, a song, playing it with the song now.
  • In this way, the Riff was made. Likewise, you can also follow other such methods of making a riff.

Final Words

A Riff is the life blood of the Rock music. It helps in making the rock music more memorable and famous. It does not need to be a fancy, fast collection of notes, sometimes, even a single note repeated in a cool rhythm is sufficient.