Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Pickups are very common in the Electric guitars. But, these pickups are also used in the Acoustic Guitars. A Pickup is a transducer device which senses or captures the mechanical vibrations produced by the musical instruments, especially the stringed instruments like the guitars, converts these signals into electric signals and amplified with the help of an Amplifier to reproduce those musical sounds via the loudspeakers.

Nowadays, even the acoustic guitar pickups have become common, for want of the perfect sound to get reproduced. There are quite a few types of these pickups. The perfect pickup for you is the one that will make the guitar sound the way you want. It is only you who will decide whether the pickup is working good or not. One tip is to try different types of pickups to check the ideal sound you want. All the famous artists do that regularly. My guitar used to sound massive in the bedroom, but a damp squib in the concert, that was because of a faulty pickup.

Different styles and types of guitars need a different acoustic pickup for them. They range from the simple soundhole pickup to a vast and complex system that integrates multiple technologies. A majority of them are magnetic, they work just amazing and are easy to install. I tried using the Woody Soundhole Pickup; it is a passive, noiseless, hum-cancelling pickup that delivered me a fatter, and more compressed sound that a single coil pickup. It comes in the price range of 8k to 10k rupees in India.

Another good soundhole pickup to try is the EMG ACS. The USP of this one is that there is a built-in preamp, which is perfectly tailored for the acoustic guitars. I tested it, and it was just amazing, with high output and low noise sound. The exclusive EMG quick connect cable is very useful. Such a high-quality product it is hence the price is $139, Ideal for the world famous artists.

It is not necessary that the best acoustic guitar will need/have the best pickup for it. It is also not necessary that an expensive guitar will need an expensive pickup to function. There is no relation between the price and the quality of the guitar and the pickup. I learned it the hard way when I saw it happened with a colleague. Buying an expensive pickup for his expensive guitar proved to be futile; he didn’t get the desired sound from the guitar.

Fishman is one of the leading brands when it comes to the manufacturing of quality pickups. They have every type of pickups for every type and model of guitars. The Rare Earth Mic Blend

Soundhole Pickup is my personal favorite. It has a flexible cardioid microphone, with the latest bass extension/ roll-off switch in it. The battery lasts for 110 hours. This fishman pickup is the one to watch out for.

Another category of a pickup which is used extensively is the piezo pickup. It is a pickup truly suitable for the acoustic guitar types. It has the ability to produce different sounds depending on how and where it is mounted. The simplest of the piezo pickup I have come across is the Generic Plastic Piezo Pickup; it comes only for Rs. 315 on Amazon. It is lightweight, portable and works pretty decently.


So many guitarists like to experiment with the sounds of their guitars. They also are very careful that all the sound which is produced is recorded correctly. Hence, the pickups have become an important part for a guitarist now.