Acoustic Guitar Pedals

If you want to become a very successful guitarist, along with the guitar, you should possess many accessories of it. Some of them are the guitar strap, case etc. One accessory is very useful to produce amazing music from the guitar; it helps give good effects to the guitar. It is called as the acoustic guitar effects pedals or effects units, or stomp boxes. They are small electronic units which alter or change the sound of the guitar in a specific way. Some of the special effects produced by the pedals are tremolo, delay, flanger, chorus, distortion etc

There are many different types of guitar pedals available now; some are, fuzz, boost, Octavia, overdrive, distortion, reverb etc. Unlike the other accessories of the guitar, the pedals are used during a performance of the guitar. They are kept below the leg fingers and then tapped or stamped on rhythmically to produce a sound which is similar to a bass drum. Generally, it is a small wooden box that allows the guitarist to make a simple rhythmic self-accompaniment.

The acoustic guitar pedals have really enhanced the experience of listening to the guitar sounds. Many new sound combinations have been created with their help. There are many different sound effects produced by these pedals. One pedal can produce many different effects too.

For eg. The Boss AD-8 is one acoustic guitar multi effects pedal that uses the COSM modeling tech to transform the piezo pickup sound of an ordinary acoustic. It is up to you to choose the ideal pedal for yourself, by determining the budget, the sound effects you want, the kind of music you are going to make, the type of pedal, brand etc.

Some of the companies which produce the best acoustic guitar pedals are Fuzzrocious, smallsound/bigsound, Caroline, Blakemore Effects, Big Ear NYC, Mr. Black etc. They make either one only or more than one type of the pedals. One more type of the pedals is the acoustic preamp pedal, also called as the preamplifier pedals. From these, the sound produced feels more natural and clear. Every type of the pedals has some tradeoffs; a good preamp emphasizes the acoustic tone, adds warmth, and reduces unwanted frequencies and making the sound more realistic. The pickups in these are 3 types, transducer, passive piezo and magnetic type.

It is not so easy to master the guitar pedals, just like the guitars themselves, you need some practice and time for that. But after you become accustomed to them, and then get set to make some amazing sound effects with them, for your music. One good example of an acoustic guitar preamp pedal is the AMT Electronics SS-11 3-Channel Dual Tube Guitar Preamp Classic Mod. It gives a maximum functionality with a minimum size and has the highest quality components. The LEAD channel provides a thick and viscous sound to play either singing solos or chunky rhythm parts with an amazing presence.

Buying a guitar pedal is not an easy task, but it is better to buy online as you get to choose from a more variety of models and brands, besides the discounts, offers, the prices are also very low. The G1Xon Multi effects processor by Zoom is one good acoustic guitar effects processor to have. Up to 5 effects can be used simultaneously in it, and it can hold 100 memory locations too.


Nowadays, the usual sounds of a guitar have become a common place. If you want to be different and be more successful than the other guitarists, then the acoustic guitar pedal is a must have. The many new different sounds from them are making the music very interesting.