Acoustic Guitar Case

The Acoustic Guitar is a very popular musical instrument among many young and professional people. In a way, it is also very vulnerable to wear and tear. Many owners of the acoustic guitar tend to take good care of it. But, accidents may still happen and they may drop, fall off and break etc. Hence, there is an accessory to avoid that all. It is called the Guitar Case. The guitars are always stored in them when not in use.

Need for an Acoustic Guitar Case

There are many reasons the case is used to store the acoustic guitar.

  1. The case protects the guitar from gathering dust inside of it.
  2. The case makes it easier to carry the guitar wherever you want.
  3. The case protects the guitar from rusting also.
  4. The case protects the guitar from getting damaged if it falls down while in transit.
  5. The case makes it easier to handle the guitar as it has many handles, on all the sides.

Best Acoustic Guitar Cases Types

There are basically two types of cases for the guitars. They are

1. The acoustic guitar hard case. and

2. The acoustic guitar soft case.

Both of them serve different purposes. The hard case beats the soft case in the fact that if it falls down accidentally, the hard case will protect the guitar much better than the soft case. Hence, more people prefer the hard ones than the soft ones. Although, one drawback of the hard case is that it is more in weight than the soft case.

Many of the professional guitarists prefer to use the hard case for their acoustic guitar. The amateur people use the soft case to cover and store their guitars. This is because the hard cases are more expensive than the soft cases. Because of the additional weight, the guitar should not become very difficult to carry.

Hence, it is essential to first check the weight and size of the guitar, and then only go to select the ideal guitar hard case for yourself. This point is not that necessary for the soft cases of the guitars.
Ideally, you should get some or the other guitar case when you buy the guitar itself. But if not, then it must need to be shopped for separately. You then will get to choose the best acoustic guitar case for your guitar. Either you buy them directly from the stores, or online, but selecting the ideal guitar case for your guitar is important.

There are many subtypes of these guitar cases. Many brands make the acoustic guitar hardshell case. One example is the Yamaha HC-AG1. The material is of vinyl. It fits the medium jumbo and dreadnought acoustic guitars. It has a plush Inner lining with a 3-ply inner laminate construction. It retails for $79.99.

Another variety is the padded guitar case. It is also called as a gig bag. Besides storing the acoustic guitar, it also has some small compartments, chained, in which we can store other small things related to the guitar. One example of such is the Bajaao Deluxe Heavy Duty Foam Padded Acoustic Guitar Case. It is advertised as a heavy duty, foam padded acoustic guitar gig bag. It is sold for around Rs.1400.


The acoustic guitar case is a very important accessory to protect the guitar and to increase the lifespan of it. Whether you buy the hard case or soft case; whether you buy a cheap or an expensive case, but make sure that your guitar is well protected at all the times.