Acoustic Guitar Bridge and Bridge Pins

The sound generated in an Electric guitar is not so much dependent on the instrument itself, but for an Acoustic guitar, that is not the case. More care needs to be taken to maintain an Acoustic guitar than an Electric guitar. Often, some parts of an Acoustic guitar are neglected more than others. Two among such parts could be the Bridge and the Bridge Pins. In the end, they are also important parts of an acoustic guitar.

The bridge of an acoustic guitar is the part which is located on one the body end of the guitar strings, just below the location where we pick the strings on the guitar. The Bridge Pins are those which are inserted in the bridge, along with the strings. These bridge pins do the work of firmly rooting the strings in the guitar body, whereas the bridge gives support and a precise location for the pins to be inserted. Almost all the brands and models of guitars have this arrangement in them.

The bridge and the bridge pins do have a shelf life shorter than the guitar itself. With time they wear out and will break too. If you will not maintain the guitar properly enough, they will fail earlier than usual. Thankfully, they are always available as spare parts also. All the manufacturers of the guitars also give them as spares, mostly separately. The number of strings determines the number of the bridge pins and the length of the bridge.

Maintaining the guitar bridge and the pins is not a difficult task at all, as I learned. But a regular maintenance was needed for them. Even after you dedicatedly maintain the guitar bridge and the pins, still at a certain time they are bound to give up. That is the time to go to the market to shop for the replacement parts. These bridge pins and the bridge are available at almost all the stores and online e-commerce websites where the guitars are sold.

One thing to say here is that the bridge pins and/or the bridge of one guitar model can be used on any other model, but it is not advised at all. Because in the beginning, they may well fit perfectly, but later not so. Also, the sound will differ a bit than your expectations. Hence, it is always ideal to get the bridge and the pins of the same model and brand for your guitar. This, I am saying by my own experience. The bridge and the bridge pins of the same brand can be more compatible with their different guitars though; even for the same type of model of different brands. But, still not so effective as that with exactly the same model.

If you want to prolong the life of your guitar, only search for the bridge and the pins of the same model, however difficult it will be. They are definitely not so expensive as the guitar. On the Amazon website, the price range for the bridge pins is around Rs 150 to 400.

The acoustic guitar bridges retail for around Rs. 250 to 600.
Changing the bridge and/or the pins of the guitar is also not a difficult task, it only requires some level of expertness, as I did. While changing, do ensure at every level that the strings are fitting perfectly in the pins and on the bridge of the guitar.


Every guitarist will agree that for the perfect working of the guitar, all its parts need to work properly; Including the bridge and the bridge pins. They need regular minute attention to keep the amazing music coming out of the guitar.