The Best Acoustic Guitar to buy in 2017: Reviews

For those of you who have been looking to buy guitar online,  here are a few things that might help you understand what things you might want in your guitar, these are some of the popular and good acoustic guitars used by musicians and some of them are suitable for beginners, so if your child is just starting out a guitar class, all the following points will help you in choosing the perfect instrument for your kid.

If you are an aspiring musician and know exactly what you want then you can just check out the guitars that have been mentioned and who knows one of them might just be the one for you.

Electro Acoustic Guitar Online

It is a type of guitar that is commonly referred to as semi-acoustic guitars, These guitars have pickups that are particularly designed in order to reproduce the exact refinements of the acoustic guitar timbre. They Mahogany in such a manner that they sound neutral with minute changes to the acoustic tone. If you are in a market for a new guitar then it is advised that you try out a few models as many as it’s can, when you are doing that make sure that you are paying attention the unplugged and amplified sound. Listed below are two guitars one of them is affordable and under 5000 whereas the other one is way expensive and costs more than 25000. We will go through the each one of them so you can at least have a basic idea as to what you should look for

Amaze AW39C-201 Electro-Acoustic Guitar, Sunburst

For the beginners who are interested in learning guitar using this one might be the way to go, its small size makes it ideal for a person with a small body, the would have no trouble handling it. It’s comfortable, you can hold it easily while you are sitting. If you want to know more about the features then here’s a list.
Cutaway type, as well as it’s medium size, i.e 39 inches makes it easier to handle.
It has a Beech Neck and the Bridge is made of Rosewood.
Finger Board: Rosewood

 Yamaha FX310A Full Size Electro-Acoustic Guitar, Natural

Yamaha FX310A is ideal for the hardcore musicians. It might cost a little more than the other models, but its outstanding quality and value make up for it. Yamaha F310A has Hand-finished construction. It has been built with select tonewoods that facilitates amazing sonic performance and has a slightly shortened scale length which provides the musician ease while playing the instrument. Other features include, a under-saddle pickup along with a simple and easy-to-use control panel adding to that are Amazing acoustics and the plugged-in tone.

Best Sounding Acoustic Guitar

What do you consider the most important thing in a guitar? the opinions might differ from person to person, for a newbie the answer would probably be an affordable one or comfortable one, but the hardcore musicians tend to go for the quality aspect of a guitar, they know all the right things to consider from the tonewoods which improve the sonic performance to the just the right size for each occasion.
Let’s list down some of the best sounding acoustics guitar and features that you are to experience along with it.

Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar

This acoustic guitar is one of the best playing Semi Acoustic Guitar that has an Equalizer and Pickup.The fretboard material is made from Rosewood which is preferred by most of the musicians, it comes with 8 strings and linen from Spruce Wood, other things to know about its make are it utilizes the roundwound Strings, and the String Gauge is made from Stainless Steel.

Juârez Acoustic Guitar

its Black Glossy Finish makes it look appealing, with 18 Number of Frets and a gretboard made of ebony wood the sound quality is flawless.The fingerboard, from Linden Wood, medium size i.e 38 inches makes it portable, being a Cutaway acoustic guitar black it provides ease to the guitar player. It has various other features that include Linden Binding, a Full Wood Construction that comes with Geared Tuning, a Wood Frame, and the Steel Strings that most of the acoustic guitar

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

This is one of the expensive best value and sounding acoustic guitar, it might look simple but it has impeccable features which include the back and side covering of layered Sapele, fretboard material made up of ebony and the x-bracing comes with a relief rout.

Acoustic Electric Guitar Online

An electric acoustic guitar is any general acoustic guitar that comes with a pickup system or an onboard microphone, that connects the guitar to an amplifier which makes it possible to be heard by all the audience over the speakers or a PA system.
The reason a best affordable electric acoustic guitar might be a good choice for you are, one of them as we have already seen it the fact that you don’t need to get a separate microphone for it, it can be amplified without the needing that, apart from that the built in pickup system makes it more easier to control when a musician is playing the guitar in live situations like a concert. These are the few things that an electric acoustic guitar makes possible for every musician and there is no denying the fact that it produces the best kind of music.

Left Handed Acoustic Guitar

Many of you left handed individuals who are interested in learning a guitar might have the question as to whether they should learn as a left-handed or if they should try learning a right-handed guitar, its quite simple if you feel like you are more comfortable playing with left hand then you should stick with it, but if you want more guitar choices i.e the equipment options then you should definitely try the right handed way.

Sonido SHL C109 6-strings Acoustic Guitar, left Handed, Natural,

This left handed acoustic guitar is made from Solid Spruce Wood and has a Rosewood Fingerboard with Cut Design, Chrome Keys, and a Wooden Fretboard Inlay and even has a High Gloss Finish that makes it perfect for playing it on stage, with a adjustable neck that you can adjust as per your needs it provides more ease to the users. and has a Hand Made Quality Box Design which just adds to its appeal.

Pluto Left Handed Acoustic Guitar HW 39CL, Natural

This minimalist guitar is a good choice for Left Handed aspiring musicians and has a Spruce Laminate Top. With a 39″ Cutaway size it also comfortable to handle as well as play it while sitting.

Fender 961542006 Acoustic Guitar, Left Handed

this left-handed acoustic guitar with its Dreadnought cutaway body style is particularly used by the bluegrass musicians.
It is equipped with a Fishman Isys III pickup system with active preamp which makes it a lot better, it even has a tuner, volume, and some tone controls.


Semi Acoustic Guitar

a semi acoustic guitar has both a sound box and few electric pickups. It is different than an acoustic-electric guitar, which is a type of acoustic guitar that comes with pickups and various other features that facilitate amplification, that is either included by the manufacturer or the player.

Cort AF510E Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Its Dovetail Neck Joint and Concert body shape make it a great choice for musicians who tour quite frequently, the Top is made of spruce and has Mahogany Back & Sides, even the neck of this semi acoustic guitar has been crafted from Mahogany. This a semi acoustic guitar (or a hollow-body electric) provide clean and warm tones that make them ideal for jazz and blues players.

12 String Acoustic Guitar

Before we see the 6 string guitars we will go through the 12 string guitars which are a simple variation of a normal 6 string design. Twelve-string guitars and is composed of six regular strings and they include the second set of thinner strings. Every single string of the second set of thinner strings corresponds to the note that the strings regular counterpart generate. As these strings form a few pairs which ensure that, you will face no problems in playing this instrument as it can be played just like a 6 string acoustic guitar.
Let’s look at one such 12 string guitar

Ibanez PF1512 Dreadnought 12 String Acoustic Guitar Natural

There are quite a few other brands and models that cost way more than this 12 string acoustic guitar
and have featured quite similar to these which are pretty great, but are still affordable, Its specification involves a Dreadnought body,
Spruce top Mahogany back and sides, a Mahogany neck Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.
as 12 string guitars produce a lot livelier and more raucous tone than 6 string guitars, these are used particularly by a guitarist for chord progressions that need thickening.

6 String Acoustic Guitar

a 6 string acoustic guitar is more widely used than a 12 string guitar, most of the beginners could benefit more from these as they are less complex and will be easy to handle for a newbie. Listed below are 3 top choices of 6 string acoustic guitar.

Jixing JXNG 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar

With 18 number of frets and an innovative design which include a bridge that is made of Plastic and also a fingerboard made of Lindenwood and a size of 38 inches, this could be ideal for almost anyone who is starting out and taking their first steps in learning guitar.

Juârez JRZ38C/VTS 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar

Even this guitar has 18 frets and is composed of Linden Binding and comes equipped with Full Wood Construction that has Geared Tuning, apart from that it has a Wood Frame and the strings are made of steel. Its 38-inch size makes it easy to carry around and the player can be ready anytime.

Givson G215 Standard, 6-Strings, Acoustic Guitar

with 40 inch size this 6 string acoustic guitar, is composed of parts that have been built from sturdy and durable materials, it includes a Rosewood fingerboard as well as a Bridge, a Toon Wood Body & Neck, and a top that has been crafted from Pyne Wood.

Travel & Mini Acoustic Guitars

 Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Acoustic-Electric Travel Guitar,
Its neck is made of maple and the guitar body has a natural finish. It includes an under-saddle piezo pickup which makes sure not to pick up any other magnetic fields, i.e the mains hum, as well as feedback from the monitoring loops which cause noise in the music
and even has a standard 1/4-inch output that, it’s Detachable lap rest frame, gives the musician more ease of access, and its size makes it easier to carry on tours as it even fits in the airline overhead bins.
 Recording King RD-A3MQ EZ Tone Mini-Dreadnought
the top is designed with Solid Spruce and has Mahogany Back and Sides and its ultra thin Finish makes it presentable, with 22-3/4″ Scale Length it is small and fits into spaces that bigger acoustic guitars wouldn’t. It is one of the most lightweight travel & mini acoustic guitars and is popular amongst musicians who make it a habit of enjoying tours.

Acoustic Guitar sizes

Concert and Grand Concert.
These have a size that is generally about 13-1/2″ and is smallest of the acoustic guitar sizes. Its smaller size is more agreeable and makes these guitars a lot more playable for the smaller musicians.
Auditorium and Grand Auditorium.
Commonly known as Orchestra body, these are perfectly balanced with respect to volume, tone, as well as comfort level.
This auditorium style guitar is a mid-sized acoustic guitar which is slightly heavier than the concert size guitar.
Both of these guitars have a much higher range for volume and are more balanced in terms of tone than smaller body styles.
This common acoustic body style makes use of a huge soundboard and is known as Dreadnought.They can be distinguished by their square bouts, wide waists, and their 14-fret necks.
also, know as cowboy guitars these produce booming sound which is suitable for quite a few purposes, this 17″ guitar at the lower bout, project loudly and even resonate deeply.

If we talk about the parts there are at least 21 parts of acoustic guitar for a beginner to learn. Chords, pedals, Gig Bags, Riffs, bridge, microphones and pickups all comes under components of a guitar.

Travel and Mini-Acoustics.
These are the most frequently bought guitars, as they can be used by smaller players, musicians who have to carry their guitars on tour, and parents who are out guitar shopping for their children. They give the users comfort as well are convenient to use. Being small doesn’t affect the sound quality of the instrument.

Best Acoustic Guitar under Rs. 10000

CORT AD880 DREADNOUGHT ACOUSTIC GUITAR is the top choice that comes under 10000
Its features include
a Spruce top, and a mahogany body both of which make it durable.
Rosewood fretboard makes it possible for musicians to have the benefit of a rounded tone with lovely sustain
It’s coated strings are resistant to humidity as well as daily wear.
it also consists of a Die-cast nickel tuners that keep the guitar strings in tune so that they don’t wear off over time.
a Dreadnought acoustic guitar that has an X-Bracing and a Dovetail Neck Joint, each of these features play a part in the sound quality of the music produced with this guitar.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under Rs. 2000

We have already seen Jixing JXNG 6 Strings Acoustic Guitars which comes under inexpensive guitar series. Although we have noted the features of this guitar before let’s go through them again, in brief, it has 18 Number of Frets and comes with an innovative design that produces good quality sound. The bridge is made of plastic whereas the fingerboard is composed of linden wood. The size of 38 inches makes it suitable for quite a few purposes, this guitar might not be under 2000 but is the cheapest and best budget amongst the ones we have seen, and the price range almost touches 2000.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under Rs. 5000

We have seen guitar under 10000 and under 2000, if you want something more than the ones costing 2000 provides you and at the same time more affordable and under best budget than the under 10000 ones, then you should take a look at the following acoustic guitar.
It is a 39 Cutaway Acoustic Guitar, which has a top that is made of Spruce, the back and side have been crafted with Linden and it even comes with 19 Frets. Apart from that it includes Slotted Machine heads that are 43mm in width. Furthermore the Scale Length is 648mm.

We have covered almost each and every aspect of an acoustic guitar, from the size to the cost. We have even seen features of few of the top choice of each of these types, the purpose of all of these was to help you in making your decision, I recently gifted one of my friends Jixing JXNG 6 Strings Acoustic Guitars, and he has even played some songs for us and it sounds amazing. I hope you have a similar experience and this article proves to be useful in choosing to buy cheap and best quality acoustic guitar online for you.